Alan Lancaster painting in Belsize village

Anyone who paints ‘plein air’ will tell you you how fulfilling it can be.

As human beings we are naturally drawn towards novelty and change and when when painting direct from life, this is something one experiences every second of the day. Artists for centuries have tried to capture fleeting changes in light, shade and colour and painting outdoors. It is a great challenge and it is a continuous learning process.

I allow myself a maximum of three hours on location at any given time, including setting up and dismantling equipment. Once the drawing is completed, a period of one and a half hours is really the maximum one can spend on a sunlit without the scene changing so dramatically that there is no point continuing. When painting larger works, return visits under the same lighting conditions are essential in order to complete the work.

Over a period of years the establishment art world has sidelined representational painting but artist of this genre persist relentlessly, recording the world they see around them. My own work is like a diary in which I record my experiences and can hopefully share some of moments with others through the medium of painting

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